Keeping Your Pet Calm At The Vet

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Keeping Your Pet Calm At The Vet

After my dog came down with a serious illness, I realized that it might be important to coach him through his initial visits to the veterinarian. He was really upset about having to let a stranger touch him and look in his mouth, so I decided to start experimenting with different ways to calm him down. It took a lot of work, but after a few tries, I was able to keep him calm and happy, even during difficult appointments. This blog is all about keeping your pet calm at the vet, so that you can get your animal the care that he or she deserves.

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6 Tips For Keeping Your Dog Safe During The Summer

Summertime can provide your dog with a lot of opportunities to run around in the backyard and chase after Frisbees. However, the summer can pose certain dangers for dogs, including heat stroke and dehydration. It is up to you to protect your pooch from these dangers. Here are six helpful tips for keeping your dog safe during the summer:

Never Leave Your Dog in a Parked Car

Even if you plan on only being in the grocery store for only five minutes, you should never leave your dog in the car. The temperature inside a parked vehicle is much hotter than the temperature outside. If your dog is left in a parked car, he could suffer a heat stroke.

Look Out for Your Dog's Paws

Sidewalks can get very hot in the summertime, so it is very important to consider your dog's paws. It is best to walk your dog on the pavement in the morning or at night; the sidewalks will be a lot cooler then.

Take Caution During Barbecues

If you plan on having a barbecue in your backyard, ask your guests to not feed your dog any meat scraps. These scraps tend to be very fatty and can lead to severe stomach issues. You should also make sure there are no fruit pits on the ground, as your dog can choke on them.

Keep Fireworks Out of Reach

Fireworks can be a lot of fun during the warmer months, but you must keep them far away from your pooch. Dogs are usually very curious and might try to eat the fireworks, which can lead to vomiting, seizures and other serious complications.

Put Sunscreen On

Dogs may have more fur than humans, but the does not mean they can't get sunburned. Before your dog goes outside, apply a pet sunscreen to his stomach and ears.    

Do not Forget About Heartworm Medication

Your dog will likely be outside more in the summertime, so he will have a greater chance of getting heartworms, which can be fatal. The next time you are at the veterinarian's office, ask him to prescribe heartworm medication for your dog.

If you follow these helpful tips, you can keep your dog happy and safe during the summer. However, if your pooch still gets sick or injured, do not wait to go to the animal hospital. The sooner your dog gets treatment, the better off he will be. Contact a center like Murrells Inlet Veterinary Hospital for more help.